Welcome to woollen market website. This is an online directory of woollen product merchants of Ludhiana. The objective of this initiative is to globalise the woollen merchants of Ludhiana at very competitive and affordable price.

Ludhiana is primarily known for its woollen products. When you think of woollens, you must think of Ludhiana. Mochpura Bazar is the center point of woollen products in Ludhiana.

Hundreds of merchants sell woollen products worth crores of rupees daily in this market during the peak season. It is difficult to walk through the market during the peak days. Long rows of woollen bales can be seen lying outside the shops in the market. Mochpura Bazar is the source of wool and synthetic yarn for the entire middle-rung woollen industry in the state and the region. The roads are too narrow for the reason that the market was set up over a 100 years ago.

The rush of people always used to be there even before Partition, but these days it is all crowded. Most of the shopkeepers who were Muslims reportedly fled the city in 1947. The market could not modernize itself and some shops are as old as the market itself.

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